On the people concerned

On the people concerned

Susanne Stier-Kniprath and Ernst Kniprath (Photo: Carsten Hugo)

Ernst Kniprath
Dr. rer. nat. (Bonn)
dr. ès sci. (Paris)

Susanne Stier-Kniprath

Scientific career

up to 1966:
Ornithology in Bonn, Museum Alexander Koenig

1967 to 1979:
Bonn, University, Institut für Zytologie
Bochum, University, Lehrstuhl für Zellmorphologie

since 1990:
studies on population biology and socio biology of the barn owl (Tyto alba) by banding

Special activities

since 1997:
foundation and management of a group of barn owl ringers (TytoHelgoland) in northern Germany. The data are stored electronically and will be made accessible to all members of the group.

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